I'm self-taught and work mainly on front-end projects.

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Classroom Planning Tool

  • Shows a teacher ideal classroom setups based on time and technology access.
  • Media coverage: THE Journal.

Personalizing Literacy

  • Developed as an online guide for school administrators. Serves as a marketing tool for ThinkCERCA.
  • Favorite aspect: The index.html for this project is 64 lines.

Wordpress pages built with shortcodes

This website


I have Journalism and International Studies degrees from Northwestern University (attended 2012-15).

Published in:

I pitch, write, research, interview, edit, and occasionally ghost-write.


At Majority-Minority Schools, Confederate Names Remain

  • I pitched this story at The Texas Tribune and researched and presented the data paired with it.

News Analyses for the Classroom

Audience Engagement

I am the Audience Engagement Manager at ThinkCERCA, a position which encompasses community growth, social media, newsletters, SEO, and digital marketing.

I interned on the audience team at TIME magazine in New York. I ran the magazine's Tumblr account and wrote the action plan for TIME's Snapchat account. I also led a session to show the audience teams at Sports Illustrated, People, and Good Housekeeping how to create and use gifs in social projects.


Graphic: New Truancy Law Poised to Put More Pressure on Schools, Parents

  • I made a CSS flowchart to explain a complex law that would impact decisions made in schools and homes. It would need to be pinned to a wall or referenced at a meeting. And so I made sure to create and include a PDF version of the flowchart, because I thought my audience would make the most use of it offline.
  • Days later, I received an email from a reader who used the PDF version to distribute copies at a town hall.

Viral TIME Tumblr post

  • I conceptualized and posted this content. It immediately resonated with TIME's audience, and became the second-most reposted content on TIME's Tumblr, after the Black Lives Matter cover.

TIME social cards

  • I had the idea to start using social cards for TIME's social feeds. I created and posted the majority of Spring 2015 social cards.